New Jersey State Fair and Sussex County Farm and Horse Show

The New Jersey Accompaniment Fair Sussex County Farm and Horse Appearance is captivated annually for ten canicule during the alpha of August in interestingly the boondocks of Augusta. It’s not accepted whether the organizers absitively to authority the fair during this ages anniversary year because of the name of the boondocks or not. The boondocks and fair is in the rural northwestern allotment of New Jersey and you will acquisition lots of agriculturally based activities to enjoy.

Besides Horse Shows there are 4-H exhibits of which the kids statewide are actual proud. You’ll aswell acquisition Honey Bee demonstrations captivated daily, which may or may not allure fairgoers. It depends on how you feel about bees in general. The Commerford Petting Zoo not alone has bounded animals such as goats and ponies, but you’ll acquisition added alien Elephants and Camels and accept a adventitious to ride on them. On the fairgrounds you’ll acquisition a babyish beastly nursery that houses all of the newest additions that accomplish an actualization while at the fair. The babyish breed are by far the better draw.

Live ball at the accompaniment fair comes in abounding forms. Wander about the fair and you just ability acquisition the Chainsaw Artist display and accept a adventitious to watch art appear to activity afore your eyes. The pet appearance gives dog, cat and added calm pet owners a adventitious to appearance off their best friends. Lovers of the Polka should attending for the anniversary Polish Night and Polka Contest and ball the black away. If you had a adventitious to adore the Chainsaw Artist display during the fair you can appear abode some bids on the plan during the Chainsaw Sculpture Artist Auction on the endure day of the fair.

Those who don’t apperception paying a little added can acquisition nightly fun at the Outdoor Ball Area. This area hosts fireworks, annihilation derbies, pulls, airship rides, and lots of added competitions.

When you appointment the fair you can break in one of the abounding altered types of abode available. There are hotels, bounded campgrounds, RV sites, and bed and breakfasts. Bring your own car and you’ll acquisition that parking at the accompaniment fair is free.